high school

Coronavirus information. What it is, what to do, and mental health awareness

What is Covid 19

How to deal during COVID-19

Quotes to get you through

when feelings become mental health concerns

Encouragement/ motivation during this difficult time

Are you going to break-down or break-through?

Optimism during the coronavirus

Going Through Hell

Hope during a Pandemic

Coping skills and de-escalation techniques for when you are stressed or anxious

progressive muscle relaxation

visualization/ mindfulness

deep breathing

30 minute Yoga

Positive thinking, and things to do to keep your mind active and positive


7 things you ARE in control of

Song: You're gonna be ok.

What to do when you're bored

Sometimes you just gotta laugh. So here are some Bad Dad Jokes.

Youtube channels

Check out this motivational channel

Check out this channel that gives you info. on stress and how to deal with it.

Check out these and other calming activities

Check out this channel. These skits are just funny :)

These guys are amazing and fun to watch.

Ideas, activities, information, and workbooks for everyday boredom and emotions.