videos/ resources for teachers

You make a huge difference in the lives of our community. Thank You.

From children, thank you.

From teens, thank you.

From adults, thank you.

This is why we teach.

Make time for you. Tips for calmness and gratitude.

progressive muscle relaxation

mindfulness, visualization, relaxation

deep breathing


Check out this yout tube channel for guided calming strategies

Check out this site that is updated regularly on free programs

Check out these social/emotional workbooks and information.

Dear Teachers,

Yours is a job of significant importance. You encourage and shape our youth to become productive citizens. Not just academically but emotionally. You excite in their celebrations and accomplishments, and you grieve in their sadness and despair. Our children are our future and you carry that weight. Now more than ever, our students look to you. They look to you for comfort, for guidance, for wisdom, and for a comforting smile assuring them that they are cared for. There's no doubt that the heart of a teacher is taking on the stress of our students and others. Take care of yourself during this time. Allow yourself private moments to cry or be in silence. Focus on positive thinking. Use your creativity in finding ways for you to do things that feed your soul. This is a moment in time. It will pass, and we will get through this. Know that you are appreciated.