High school lessons

High School SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Lessons

Supplies needed: journal and writing/ coloring utensils.

General rules:

  • Watch a video

  • Journal and draw in response to the questions.

  • Once done with an activity, talk about it with somebody.


  • What are you grateful for?

  • Express gratitude by thanking somebody for something they did for you.

  • How did it feel to tell someone thank you?

What Does it Mean to be Yourself?

  • How do you see peers/celebrities portraying a false reality on social media? 

  • What are ways to remind yourself daily that you are enough (ex: writing positive characteristics on the mirror)?  

Fight, Flight, Freeze

  • What is an amygdala and what does it do?

  • What can cause you to feel anxiety? How does your body tell you when you are feeling anxious?

  • What is your response to anxiety? Are you fight, flight, or freeze?

Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected

  • What are the positive things you get out of having your phone and social media? 

  • What things are you more aware of after watching this video that impact how long you watch things on your phone?  

  • Is there anything you would like to change about your phone usage? 

Teen Voices. Who Are You on Social Media?

  • How do you present yourself on social media? What kind of pictures do you post? What kind of words do you use? What tone is communicated? (anger, judgement, encouragement)

  • Do you think what you post will impact your future?

Breathing Exercises

  • What feelings are you having that may increase your anxiety

  • Think of a happy place while completing this video

Effective Coping Skills to Reduce Stress

  • List your preferred coping skills

  • How often do you use these skills?

  • How can you implement these skills daily?

Time Management

  • How would time management skills improve your daily schedule?

  • How do you plan to utilize this skill?

From our hearts to yours

  • Bad days happen but good days are on the horizon.

  • Every positive thing you do contributes to healing.

  • Be a hero. How are you going to show your love to others today?